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Methods of research

The above mentioned methods of research do we successfully apply for years...

  • Field resreach
    We collect primal data of consumers, traders, competitors etc.. e.g. study Last-Minute-Reisen 2012 (in German)

  • Desk resreach
    We do some research on and evaluate data and facts to every desired topic

  • Analysis of images, profiles and brands
    If you are intrested in an exact profile and image of your company or your represented destination, we are the right partner for you. We collect and evaluate all soft and qualitative data necessary to develop an image analysis e.g. study Länder-Image-Profile 06 (in German)

  • Discussion groups / focus groups
    Focus groups are not only very common but also very popular in the tourism industry because the results supply the principal with very detailed information. They will collect a huge amount of remarkable and helpful information about tourists’ needs and wants, about their experiences and their expectations, about their preferences and wishes.
    From open to biotic.

  • Usability lab/Teststudio
    An usability lab is an important method of monitoring customers behaviour and collecting qualitative and quantitative data.
    From open to biotic.

  • Webpage analysis / Usability-Checks
    In this special case you differ between two methods. On the one hand you have the classic webpage analysis, on the other hand you a check-up of the webpage in an usability lab. Both methods are again subdivided in two different approaches of research the so called competitive approach (relative values test procedure) and the isolated single approach (absolute values test procedure).

  • On-line research
    The collection of data occurs only on-line. For example this can happen directly at the customers or via on-line panel.

  • Mystery Checks/Silent Shopping
    This method is specialized on collecting objective, customer oriented data about the service standards and quality. For long term mystery checks especially for hotels, cruise liners and airlines we are using our self developed and modern program MOSQUAM.

    We are checking your standards and your service quality with our modern tool MOSQUAM according to your individually developed standard criteria catalogue.

  • Marketing research
    Beside the classic field and desk resreach marketing research is collecting marketing relevant data and information from company internal sources, opinion leaders etc.. e.g. study Web-Tourismus 2011 (in German) or our study about indexing the emotional customer retention (EKubin) (in German)

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